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Article: Soho Scarves present — Made in England

Soho Scarves present — Made in England

Soho Scarves is proud to introduce to you 'Made in England' — a premium and extremely limited range of seven pocket squares that use deadstock fabric and seven styles utilising Madder printing techniques passed down for generations. Printed with care, expertise, and craftsmanship in Macclesfield in one of England's oldest textile mills.
In the era of fast fashion, it's often challenging to find a collection that not only resonates visually but also carries the weight of heritage and historical artistry.
For a collection as premium as this, manufacturing and design were our top priorities. All designs are either created from scratch by the factory’s creative team in Macclesfield or sourced from their extensive archive of over 50,000 hard copies of art and a further 20,000 stored digitally, all dating back to 1722. For some of the designs, the collection also utilises deadstock fabrics, truly making this a limited edition range.
You might wonder, why did we need to create a premium Made in England collection? Well, why not? It's as simple as that. As soon as you pick up one of these pocket squares, it becomes evident that this is not just another square from the high street. You're wearing a piece of history, an item that truly tells a story, from the Industrial Revolution of the North to the sartorial evolution of menswear. 
Drawing upon a tradition spanning thousands of years, the Madder technique produces hues and patterns unmatched by any contemporary method. This age-old natural dyeing process gives a depth of colour that has spurred the creation of our exquisite, limited edition collection.
Madder silks boast a remarkable finish. The ancient dyeing technique infuses the silk with a colour intensity that is both deep and rich, complemented by a texture that is nothing short of premium.  The silk itself, once treated, transforms into a fabric that has unparalleled softness, gloss, and resilience, culminating in a beautiful sheen affectionately termed "chalk hand."
Each piece is crafted to last, and as mentioned, this collection also embraces a deadstock initiative. This selection is crafted from end-of-line cloth.
 Not only do these pieces avoid waste, but they're also extremely exclusive and limited edition. Wearing one of these deadstock fabrics means you're unlikely to encounter someone else with the same piece, offering a sense of exclusivity and individuality in your look. What a way to play a part in the story of menswear. 
Not that you need any proof, but the age of these designs is truly a testament to how timeless they are. You can't go wrong with Paisley and Geometric patterns. Suits are often plain, creating the perfect blank canvas to add your flair, so why not add a touch of class and finesse?
In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in classic menswear and traditional accessories, leading to a renewed appreciation for pocket squares. Modern British men's fashion often embraces a mix of traditional and contemporary styles, allowing for greater experimentation with pocket square patterns, colours, and folds.
Today, the pocket square is not only a symbol of sophistication and attention to detail but also a versatile accessory that allows men to express their individuality within the broader context of British menswear. Whether paired with a business suit or a more casual ensemble, the pocket square continues to play a significant role in defining the overall aesthetic of a well-dressed gentleman.
The Italians call it “Sprezzatura”. It’s the act of casual elegance and the art of being nonchalant. Those in the know will understand what you’re wearing is special, and those that don’t will long for your elegance.
Wear it your way, and you'll make your mark. Don't feel compelled to match your pocket square with your tie or other accessories. Sprezzatura celebrates the freedom to experiment, so feel free to mix and match without adhering to traditional matching conventions.
These pieces are seasonless. The darker, rich colours of the pocket squares feel right at home with a tweed jacket in the autumn but not out of place with a linen jacket in the summer months. But don’t be confined to a suit jacket. Pocket squares look equally as smart when paired with a Chore Jacket or Overshirt.
Experiment with more relaxed and informal folds for your pocket square, such as the “puff” or the “crown fold.” Resist the urge to adjust your pocket square constantly; embrace a certain level of imperfection and let the Madder do the talking. Tell a story and keep the style alive. 
After all, isn’t that how timeless style was born?
Available from 21.02.24 in extremely limited numbers.

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