All our silk items are made from a silk twill a soft hand-feel and are made from 100% Chinese silk.

SOHO Scarves Technical Specification for all silk items

  • Fabric Type: Silk Twill
  • Fabric Grade: 5A
  • Thread Count: 12-momme
  • Source: Silk Worm (fed exclusively on Folium Mori)

Read more on silk quality terminology here


Modal is considered a luxury textile and is often used to blend with other fabrics to give a high-end feel with its lightness and softness.

Modal fabric is a bio-based fabric that is made from spinning reconstituted beech tree cellulose. Modal is generally considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton

Modal can be washed in the washing machine and tumble dried. However, be sure to check the item’s washing instructions, as a modal blend (with textiles like cotton and spandex) might have different requirements.


Polyester fibers are incredibly strong, meaning they don’t tear, stretch, or pill easily like cotton and other natural fibers. This strength means polyester clothing can easily handle abrasion from machine-washing and doesn’t require special care. The durability of polyester fabric has made it especially popular

While linen and cotton fabrics can retain wrinkles and require ironing, polyester is wrinkle-resistant and will better hold its shape, drape, and rigidity.


Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard.