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Men's Wool-Backed Silk Dress Scarf in Paisley - The Hedge Wool


A timeless pattern containing soft swirls of blue paisley on a deep red background. Look carefully and you can see that the intricate paisley 'tears' are composed of a multitude of complementary colours including salmon pink, violet and lemon yellow, adding an level of extra visual interest. Finished with a deep-red border and ornate decorative trim, this scarf effortlessly pairs with any outfit and is perfect for those who favour an understated but debonair look.

A men's wool and silk dress scarf exudes charm and is one of the few accessories that is capable of simultaneously making a confident yet laid back statement. It’s a very versatile accessory allowing you to dress up a cardigan or casual jacket, and is an excellent way to add a touch of colour to your winter look.

Notable properties of 'The Hedge' silk and wool scarf include:

  • Men's paisley patterned scarf with lightweight wool back and silk top
  • Elegant ‘Hedge’ design in a rich red with blue paisley patterns and multicoloured highlights
  • Hand rolled ends
  • Made from 100% silk and 100% wool in 80s twill displaying an elegant lustre with a luxuriant feel
  • Great for that little bit of extra comfort
  • Dimensions: 160 cm x 16 cm*
  • Comes with a gift box

*Size may vary slightly due to wool shrinkage*

Customer Reviews

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Martin Scott
Excellent service

Very happy with the scarf received. Fantastic quality. All this after the first scarf was lost in the postal system, but Soho sorted it out with no fuss or bother,

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