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Men's Paisley Scarf - The Roppongi

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Absolutely brimming with 1960's charm, the blue and orange 'Roppongi' poly scarf fits the bill for any dapper gent who is attracted by the patterns of the psychedelic counterculture era.

A men's dress scarf exudes charm and is one of the few accessories that is capable of simultaneously making a confident yet laid back statement. It’s a very versatile accessory allowing you to dress up a cardigan or casual jacket, and is an excellent way to add a touch of colour to your winter look.

Key attributes of 'The Roppongi' scarf include:

  • Men's paisley patterned scarf
  • Eye catching ‘The Roppongi’ design in navy blue, light blue and orange
  • Made from 100% polyester giving a delicate lustre
  • Exceptional wrinkle resistance and colour retention
  • Durable than most of its counterparts, greatly enhancing longevity
  • Dimensions: 160 cm x 16 cm
  • Comes with a gift envelope 

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Gary L.

A great product from a great friendly company thank you

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