About Soho Scarves

It is easy to follow the herd down to the local retail park or high street. March into whichever store is trending that week, and order an off the peg outfit that everybody else in the office has already got in their wardrobe. Easy.. but lazy!

Fashion in many ways is like live music. Everybody likes music right? But for the discerning minority like is a small word. Having that record collection to die for is not nerdy, it is a statement of intent. "I do not follow the herd".

Here at Soho scarves are clearly we are very discerning people. New kids in town yes, here to stay. Most definitely! 

With vicious attention to detail and an array of designs to fill a cosmic skyline Soho Scarves have arrived.

Our range of paisley patterns is staggering with vibrant colours leaping from every pattern.

Polka dots looking regal like jewels embedded on a layer of the finest cloth and geometric mod pop elegance to enhance any hipsters attire.

Fashion should be passion.

Reject the high street. Be bold and adventurous.

Soho Scarves are looking beyond the herd. The attention is in the detail and we have lots for you to admire with this range.

Don't settle for trends. Elegance is art.

Soho are looking to paint some classics.