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Article: The Basics | Introducing a universally stylish new collection

The Basics | Introducing a universally stylish new collection

Black and white has always been in fashion. In art, design and popular culture, it has stood the test of time. From Coco Chanel in the 1920s to Commes des Garcons in the 1990s, right up to modern-day street style, the effortless and intuitive colour (or lack-of-colour) combination has never lost its allure.

A group of male models, wearing oversized white shirts and black or white trousers, walk down a catwalk for the designer Commes des Garcons in 1995.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce a new collection from Soho Scarves, entitled The Basics.

Why ‘The Basics’? Well, not only do we think monochrome designs are foundational to style throughout history, we were also inspired by colour blindness. Around the world, 5-10% of people experience some kind of colour blindness, which is a deficiency in the way they perceive colour. While there’s no definite rule for the colours people with colour blindness see, the way we perceive light and dark is considered universal.

This is a long-winded way of saying: black and white is a visual language almost all of us share.

It also looks pretty cool too.

Image coming soon - [Insert image from collection]

The Basics collection contains a number of patterns across three iconic scarf designs: the square neckerchief, the rectangular silk scarf and the aviator - complete with tasselled detailing. So, whether your personal style is understated, eccentric or somewhere in the middle, you can pick a scarf to compliment any (any we mean any) look.

Image coming soon - [Insert image from collection]

So how did we design the patterns?

The artist Bridget Riley wears dungarees and a striped top. She stands in front of a large optical illusion painting featuring graphic, wavy lines.

We took inspiration from our usual sources: vintage menswear, psychedelia, ska and Two-tone and a touch of mod style.

Six members of the ska group Selecter wear suits and sneakers. They stand in front of a shop in 1970s Los Angeles.

We also looked at modern art. Fans of Bridget Riley will see a nod to her monochromatic optical illusion artworks in designs like ‘Squares 01’ and ‘Spots 02’, and the playful and captivating dot-work of legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama was a clear inspiration, too.

The artist Yayoi Kusama stands in front of one of her artworks. The art work is an abstract sculpture, white in colour featuring large red spots. The room they are in, and Kusama's dress both feature the same pattern. Kusama wears a short, bobbed wig that is bright red.

Whether you like to make a statement, or an understatement, The Basics is a collection we can all enjoy. Shop the collection today, and find your new signature look.

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