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Article: Unfolded: The History and Origins of the Pocket Square

Unfolded: The History and Origins of the Pocket Square

In the vast landscape of men's fashion, one accessory stands out for its enduring charm - the pocket square. This small piece of fabric, tucked neatly into the breast pocket, carries a history steeped in elegance, reflecting cultural shifts and the evolution of men's style.

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The pocket square's origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In Egypt, small scented cloths called "sweat cloths" provided relief in the heat, while ancient Greeks employed similar fabric pieces for practical uses.

Fast forward to the Renaissance, and the pocket square takes on a more refined role. European nobility used embroidered squares as symbols of wealth and sophistication, marking a shift from mere utility to a statement of status.

The 17th century witnessed the emergence of the handkerchief, a precursor to the modern pocket square. Initially functional, handkerchiefs became symbols of elegance when folded and placed in breast pockets.

The 19th century dandy era brought forth extravagant fashion, where pocket squares became essential accessories. Dandies like Beau Brummell experimented with folds, showcasing creativity and individuality. The art of "pocket square folding" took root during this period.

Beau Brummel

The 20th century saw a subdued role for the pocket square during the World Wars, serving practical purposes for soldiers. Post-war, the accessory experienced a resurgence as men sought to reintroduce elegance and normalcy into their attire.

In recent decades, the pocket square has undergone a modern renaissance. No longer confined to formality, it has become a versatile accessory for various occasions. From silk squares with tuxedos to casual linen folds with blazers and jeans, the pocket square allows men to express personal style in numerous ways.

The pocket square's history is a fascinating journey through the evolution of men's fashion. From practical origins to a symbol of style and sophistication, it connects wearers to a tradition spanning centuries. Folding and tucking these small pieces of fabric into pockets, we carry with us an enduring link to the elegance and artistry of the past.

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