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Einstecktuch aus 100% Wolle für Herren in wunderschönem grün-braunem Design - Kingly


Fabelhaftes Paisley-Einstecktuch aus 100% Wolle 33 cm x 33 cm mit großartigem, lebendigem Design

Hergestellt aus 100% Wolle für ein weiches Luxusgefühl 

Eine großartige Ergänzung zu jeder Jacke oder jedem Blazer

Kommt mit einer Geschenkbox 

Nur chemische Reinigung 

Customer Reviews

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Vincent Martin
Well matched

Very good product. Goes well with a Tweed jacket.

Lisa Jeffery

Just love the colours, paisley pattern and gorgeous wool fabric! It’s not for use as a pocket handkerchief … I am going to use it in a small treasured quilting project ! I can’t wait !

David Holland
When was the last time a 67 year old was complimented for his dress sense?

The answer to that is last week when I sported a glorious wool pocket square by Soho Scarves. These new squares were purchased compliment a collection of silk and cotton ones from other suppliers including our local silk mill, Vanners. I ordered 2 just from Soho Scarves to check out their products and I’m smitten. The wool ones I chose produce a wonderful ebullient splash of curvaceous colour and pattern to break up what was on this occasion, a mix of blue layers. I for one am so fed up with shot to bits looking fashion for men and as an old and retired man I now think sod it, I’m going to dress up a little even if I’m only out for a day of shopping and lunch with my wife. Only? Well these are now the hi lights of my life. Anyway, my pocket square brightened both my and a complimentary lady many years my junior’s day whilst at the same time my wife was pleased that I make the effort when we’re out and about. Well that’s a long story. The short version is if you too want to brighten your day, sport one of these glorious pocket squares from Soho Scarves.

Brian L.
Very satisfied with pocket square

Very satisfied with pocket square

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