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Article: The Chaps Guide

The Chaps Guide

If you would like to learn more about dressing well in the modern era, why not pop along to The Chap’s Guide and consider learning more about the power of adding colour and panache to your clothing, such as adding a pocket square or scarf to your outfit today – the effect can be remarkable.

By way of an introduction, my name is Ashley Jones and throughout my adult life I have held a strong interest in the benefits of being well-dressed and the impact this can have on a man’s prospects in life. I can trace the origins of my interest in traditional style back to my childhood and my subsequent career choices. My father would always put on a tie when he would ‘go to town’ and I was brought up to believe that a person should take pride in their appearance (my Dad still wears a tie to leave the house even now, at the age of 89).

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This mindset was further cemented in my psyche when, at the tender age of seventeen, I joined the Royal Air Force and was introduced to the military ideology that uniformity and care of one’s appearance plays a big part in boosting self-confidence and can weaponise the first impression you make upon others.

In fact, it is afforded so much importance that in preparation for writing this introduction, I sought out my official discharge certificate from the RAF. After spending a total of 10-years of service, tellingly my testimonial comments state, “An extremely smart and loyal man, Jones has been a credit to the service wherever he has served”. What strikes me most about thesecomments, is that the first descriptive term used to define my service, is an observation on my appearance (‘smart’), which rates even more importantly then my loyalty.

Following my military service, I perhaps, somewhat predictably followed a career in the world of law enforcement, where, again I was exposed to the power of clothing and the way it impacts upon others. Initially, as a uniformed police officer I saw the way my uniform could transform the attitude and even behaviour of others, just by my presence alone. Then, as a detective involved in the most serious of investigations, how my immaculate suit, shirt & tie could strike fear (and hatred) into the people who faced me across the interview table.

Always a student of the power of positive dressing, I became more interested in the history and ethos of men’s style as time when on, until, in the autumn of 2019 I created my own YouTube channel called The Chap’s Guide, in which I explore the heritage and tradition of men’s style and review products that I have encountered that can make a positive difference to our growing band of global subscribers.

Over the years I have delighted in the wonderful benefits of adding colour to my daily ensemble of clothing. Sadly, we live in an era where more and more men seem content to settle with the corporate uniform of charcoal grey and navy-blue suits, which offer little insight into their character and personality. However, it does not have to be that way, perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to inject some charisma into your outfit is with the humble pocket square.

A well selected pocket square has the power to enliven a dreary outfit and bring a pop of joy to the clothing that a chap wears to work, play or relax. The pocket square is a chance to display a little bit of the inner ‘you’ to the hum-drum of life and demonstrates that the wearer has a passion in his appearance, as well as the confidence to showcase these traits to the wider world.

I was delighted to discover the products of Soho Scarves in my perpetual journey to find the very best and cost effective products to share with my channel subscribers. I love the classically traditional styles and geometric patterns that look so contemporary, yet also remind me of the golden era of men’s style. I could easily imagine David Niven, Carey Grant or Gregory Peck sporting these pocket squares in the 1950’s and 1960’s, so it delights me that these squares and their equally exquisite scarves, are available for such reasonable prices in the modern era.

Ashley Jones MBE

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