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Article: The cashmere collection by Soho Scarves: Timeless cool for all

The cashmere collection by Soho Scarves: Timeless cool for all

The word cashmere is synonymous with classic, effortless sophistication. That’s why it was a no-brainer for us to introduce a cashmere collection at Soho Scarves.

Made from wool obtained from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and other goat breeds, Cashmere possesses a luxurious warmth which is unique in softness and texture. It has an enduring appeal, which makes it a perfect gift too.

wearing wine coloured cashmere scarf from Soho Scarves

With our Cashmere collection, we’ve kept it simple. Five carefully selected shades, with a design that is generous in length and tassels on the end as a nod to our retro roots. These pieces are the ultimate outfit addition, whether you’re going wrapped-up, casual or smart.

Wrap them tightly over winter coats or drape casually around a t-shirt and blazer. You can be cosy while still looking refined and styled.

The black, charcoal and green shades are perfect for subtle, muted moments, while the wine and yellow options add a bold pop of colour to any look.

wearing green coloured cashmere scarf from Soho Scarves

And while these pieces are designed with menswear in mind, they are an iconic styling piece for all genders, so they make for a thoughtful and wearable gift for loved ones too.

Find your favourite shade, and shop the collection now.

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