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Article: Refresh your outfits with three transitional scarf looks

Refresh your outfits with three transitional scarf looks

In winter, it can become increasingly easy to feel uninspired by your wardrobe. Having to layer up against the elements can mean that comfort is prioritised, while style gets left in the cold. When February rolls round, it’s normal to look at your wardrobe and think… ‘meh’.

As we move from the depths of winter into the first signs of spring (and with it, a new opportunity to express ourselves through the outfits we wear), here are three looks which are inspiring us, and how to recreate those looks with SOHO Scarves.

Look 1: Laid-back and preppy

Kent & Curwen Fall 2019 menswear fashion show wearing laid-back and preppy scarf styling.

When an item has been around as long as the cravat, you know there’s just something about it. But while a full cravat might feel a bit theatrical and intimidating to wear for your day-to-day, the ascot tie provides a much more laid back alternative. Pair with a v-neck sweater or cardigan and contrasting socks to add that classic, preppy touch. Instead of a shirt, opt for a quality white t-shirt. So it’s more ‘city cool’ than ‘public school’.

Any scarf from our ascot collection would tie together this look, but we're particularly fond of this green, fleur de lis-emblazoned option.

Look 2: Geometric cool

Street style shot from Milan Fashion Week wearing a cool geometric scarf.

Geometric patterned-accessories are a great addition to any wardrobe. They instantly pull attention due to their repetitive, but unexpected shapes. They also tap into that enduringly-cool 1960s feeling.

If you like your vintage formalwear, a geometric scarf can be that finishing touch that takes you from period costume to thoroughly modern gent.

At your next formal or formal-ish occasion, why not pair The Seattle Aviator with a tonal look of reds, browns and burgundys to make a statement, without making a statement.

Look 3: The splash of colour

Street style shot from Berlin Fashion Week wearing a scarf to add a splash of colour.

It’s time pastels got a new reputation. No longer should they be considered fusty or feminine, or simply giving grandma vibes. The perfect balance of bold and muted, pastel shades are a no-brainer when it comes to giving your spring looks an injection of personality, and lifting your mood along with it.

Recreate the look with the a pure cashmere scarf. It’s cosy but spring-ready too. Styling tip? Throw it over a monotone look. Think all brown or navy blue, to make an effortless-looking statement. Dopamine dressing at its most sophisticated.

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