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Article: Ascots and the Silver Screen

Ascots and the Silver Screen

Whether you call it an ascot or a cravat, you’ve no doubt seen a fair few in more places than you think.

When most people think of an ascot, they think of Country Clubs, Horse Riding, Whisky and Cigars. You wouldn’t be wrong thinking that, but over the years ascots have been a sign of sophistication that have made many cameos on the silver screen.

The first person that comes to mind for many, is Cary Grant.

Cary Grant

 An English-American actor and true icon of Hollywood, Cary Grant appeared in many Hollywood classics such as North By Northwest, To Catch a Thief and Charade.

Apart from his countless on screen appearances, one thing also memorable about Grant was his sense of style. His immaculate hair, his tailored to perfection suits and of course, his signature Ascots worn around his neck.

Perhaps it was the inner English gent inside Cary that he took to the West Coast of America that made him adopt the ascot? Or maybe he just simply knew how great he looked! Either way, when we think of ascots and classic cool, Cary Grant is a name that comes up every time.

Speaking of Icons, if you had to make a list of iconic actors Al Pacino’s name would certainly be on there. Here he is in the legendary Godfather.

Al Pacino

Showing off how an ascot can make the most simple of outfits the most interesting, Al Pacino exudes European cool.

A crisp white shirt and a light colored blazer shines the spotlight on a beautifully designed ascot.

Now here’s everyone’s favorite, (ours anyway), Michael Caine.

Michael Caine

A true style icon who’s played some of the most memorable roles in some of the most memorable movies.

From riding in Mini Cooper’s across the Italian Alps to being Batman’s right hand man, no matter what movie he’s in, Michael Caine has always been immaculately dressed.

In this picture here you can tell by the glasses he’s wearing that accessories play an important part of his wardrobe.

This sophisticated contemporary Englishman wears frames that were the height of fashion at the time with an Ascot, a true piece of classic cool, showing that no matter how you wear an ascot, if you wear it your way, you’ll radiate confidence and sophistication. 

Shop our range of ascots now and channel your inner Hollywood icon. From striking paisley to the sophisticated polka dot, wherever and whenever you wear it, one things for certain – true style never goes out of fashion.

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