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Article: Beyond the trend: Martin Freeman

Beyond the trend: Martin Freeman

In the age of stylists and trends, it has become increasingly difficult to come across an actor who not only dresses himself but also possesses a genuine passion for the clothes he wears.

However, there is an exception to this: Martin Freeman.

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From 'The Office' to 'Sherlock' to the Marvel Universe, you might be a fan of his acting, but for us at Soho, we adore Martin's style as much as his films.

His affection for clothing traces back to his early days, where the impact of Mod culture significantly shaped his style ethos.


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His taste then seamlessly merged with Ivy style. Similar to the Mods of the 60s, Martin directed his gaze towards the US.

Along with his adoration for jazz, Martin drew inspiration from icons like Miles Davis and the 60s bop scene. Jazz artists embraced Ivy style as an aspirational fashion, acquiring clothing during their performances at different universities along the East Coast.

What sets Freeman apart in the world of celebrity fashion is his hands-on approach. Unlike many actors who rely on stylists, Freeman takes an active role in curating his wardrobe. The picture above is a great example of this. Tailor Mark Powell recreated Miles Davis's double breasted suit for Martin, showing not only that music plays a big part of his influences, but so does heritage.

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Freeman's sartorial journey isn't defined by flashy trends or passing fads. It's rooted in an appreciation for timeless elegance.

His wardrobe choices often pivot around classic silhouettes, clean lines, and a preference for quality craftsmanship. This commitment to timeless style is reminiscent of the suave sophistication of the past eras while resonating with a contemporary flair.

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