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Article: Steve McQueen. The man & Mushman

Steve McQueen. The man & Mushman

Steve McQueen, Hollywood style icon and the King of Cool. An actor you couldn't take your eyes off whilst on screen, and one who fascinated everyone when off.

He was once the most highly paid actor in Hollywood, but that was never enough.

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McQueen lived a fast paced life, but not not like the rest of his thespian colleagues.

Yes, he went to star studded parties in Beverley Hills, wore the best clothes and played some of the most iconic roles to ever grace the silver screen. But when he was off screen, his name got in the way of his real passion.

Steve McQueen was an all out petrol head. Cars, motorcycles and planes, the man had a need for speed.

McQueen was an accomplished race car driver, competing in events such as the 12 hours of Sebring and the British Touring Car Championship. He also participated in motorcycle racing, his most notable race being the international six days trial. 

Steve was offered early on in his career to take racing up professionally, and if it hadn't have been for needing to support his wife and young children at the time, who knows what might have been? 

But that never stopped him. Steve would carry on racing throughout his career, against the wishes of film studios that threatened to drop him for insurance reasons. Harvey Mushman was born. 

Harvey Mushman was the name that Steve adopted to allow him to go unnoticed. In 1959, he participated in nine races organized by the Sports Car Club of America in California. His initial official race took place in Santa Barbara on May 31, where he triumphed in the beginner category. 

McQueen admitted later that he became immensely passionate about racing, as it provided him with a newfound sense of self. He said, "I was hooked. Racing gave me a new identity,” 

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Whether he was going by Steve McQueen or Harvey Mushman. One thing about his persona did stick, his title as the King of Cool. 


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