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Article: There’s no cooler accessory than a neckerchief

There’s no cooler accessory than a neckerchief

From humble beginnings, originally associated as the apparel of outdoor labourers, via whimsical associations with cowboys and pirates, the neckerchief became associated with chic sartorialism in the 1900s. From Audrey Hepburn to the Rolling Stones, icons of cool have been known to reach for the neckerchief to signify off-duty cool. It’s utterly timeless and genderless too.

A black and white image of a young Mick Jagger, dressed in a denim jacket and silk neckerchief, stands in front of a brick wall.

More recently, however, the neckerchief-as-bandana has made an appearance on catwalks, filtering through to street and Instagram style too. It’s part of a wider resurgence of minimal 90s trends as popularised by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Carolyn Bassette Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy Jr. and wife Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy walk arm-in-arm through the city. He wears a suit, she is casually dressed in jeans, flip flops and sunglasses.

At Soho Scarves, we find ourselves gravitating back to the silk neckerchief because it’s a fuss-free addition of colour and personality to any look. We are as much into our traditional paisleys and polka dots as our contemporary art inspired scarves too. Unsure of where to start? Why not try one tucked under a simple white t-shirt?

The actress Sarah Jessica Parker walks along a city pavement. She carries a large handbag and wears a silk bandana.

And how could we forget to mention the pocket square? Known as the sophisticated older brother of the handkerchief, the silk pocket square is a chic addition to any formalwear look. All our neckerchiefs are pocket squares.

A black and white image of David Bowie wearing a polka dot neckerchief, patterned shirt and eyepatch.

Shop our silk neckerchief range today.

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