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Men's Silk Aviator Scarf in White - The Air White Aviator


For monochromic lovers, go for some sartorial elegance with our ‘The Air White’ silk aviator scarf. It's a truly understated accessory, yet retains all the flair of a classic aviator and perfect for day and evening wear.

A silk aviator scarf exudes charm and is one of the few accessories that is capable of simultaneously making a confident yet laid back statement. It’s a very versatile accessory allowing you to dress up a cardigan or casual jacket, and is an excellent way to add a touch of colour to your winter look.

Notable properties of 'The Air White Aviator' scarf include:

  • Men's luxurious all-white aviator scarf
  • Versatile and elegant ‘The Air White Aviator’ design
  • Made from 100% silk offering a delicate, attractive lustre and super-soft touch
  • Dimensions: 160 cm x 16 cm
  • 8 cm fringe

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Graham Ramsey

Disappointed, it is more like a ribbon or a tape than a scarf. Ihave had white silk dress scarves in the past and they are thicker and wider by my recollection.
I will try to find one elsewhere.

Oliver Taylor

Great scarf though would be nice if a longer version was available as I used one while I fly to stop my neck rubbing on my flightsuit and from getting cold burns from winds. Would recommend.

Jay Dyne
White silk aviator scarf

Amazing just what I ordered

Ian Munro
Aviator scarf

Good quality scarf with a fantastic service and delivery

Arturo A.
An aptly named scarf

The silk used for this scarf is certainly luxurious, and the fine tassels are an elegant touch. The length is perfect for the ascot tie if that's how you prefer to wear your silk scarves. However, the length also lends itself well to the drape, once around, and Parisian knot. Although the scarf should be handled delicately, it is easily tied and very smooth on the skin, but really you should wear it over your jacket or collard shirt if possible because it's real silk and will yellow after contact with too much sweat.

I own 4 Soho scarves and cannot say enough good things about them. I would honestly buy this a second time and probably get the black silk aviator scarf just for variety with outfits.

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